Elder Walter Scott was led by God to Elder Raymond Lloyd’s church on 17th and Woodland. There he found Elder Lloyd sitting outside, very discouraged. He gladly welcomed Elder Scott and asked him to take charge of the church. There was only one other member Bro. Mark Edgily, besides Elder Scott’s wife, Sister Zephyr. 

On July 10, 1938, Elder Scott had an official opening of the reestablished church and named the church Christ Temple Pentecostal Church. Because of the poor condition of the building, Elder Scott relocated the church to the building at 2104 Harrison. When the church reached its eighth year under Elder Scott’s Pastorate, a young minister, Elder Lee Tolbert, Sis Lorene and their five month old son, Lee Jr., moved to Kansas City from Parsons, Kansas. 

The church moved again to a larger building at 2100 Harrison. The church had wooden folding chairs and an old upright piano, a guitar and a tambourine for music. From there Christ Temple Church moved to 4101 Agnes. There Christ Temple members canvased the neighborhood and many families were saved in that area. 

Sister Zephyr Scott, wife of Founder Elder Walter Scott, was a great preacher and bible teacher; she departed this life in July, 1961.

Elder Scott later married Sister Mattie Gibson. Elder Walter Scott passed away after a short illness in 1967. In 1968 Elder Lee A. Tolbert became Pastor. Elder Lee Tolbert had been a faithful Assistant Pastor to Elder Walter Scott. Elder Tolbert would drive Elder District Scott to the P.A.W. convention every year. Even when the convention was as far away from Kansas City as California, Elder Lee Tolbert was faithful to his commitment to serve his pastor. When District Elder Walter Scott became ill and spent one year in Phoenix, Arizona convalescing, Elder Lee Tolbert ran the church operation, faithfully. Elder Lee Tolbert and his wife, Sister Lorene Tolbert, would pick up the saints in their car to attend weekly services, Tuesday thru Friday nights. On Sundays, Elder Lee Tolbert would drive a big yellow bus and bring in over 80 members and visitors on the bus. District Elder Lee Tolbert always worked a full time job, raised his family, and gave untiring service to the church. 

In 1969, as a result of the tremendous growth of the membership, Pastor Lee Tolbert led the church to purchase a former Jewish Synagogue

(Beth Shalom), a magnificent location, located on 3400 Paseo in Kansas City, Missouri. The church moved into the building in January, 1970. District Elder Lee A. Tolbert went into full-time ministry. 

Elder Wilbur Taylor was appointed by District Elder Lee A. Tolbert as his assistant pastor. Later, Elder Taylor became Pastor of Grace Temple Church and District Elder Tolbert chose Elder James Gibson as his new Assistant Pastor. Eventually, the church purchased all of the property on the north side of 34th Street which consisted of 3 six-unit apartment buildings and a house. The fifth Child of District Elder Lee A. and Lorene Tolbert, Mark Tolbert, was called to God into the ministry in 1977 and later ordained as an Elder in April 1978 and was appointed an Assistant Pastor of Christ Temple Pentecostal Church. 

Elder Lee Tolbert decided to pass the torch to his Assistant Pastor and become Senior Pastor in 1989. Elder Mark C. Tolbert was voted on by the board and the congregation and installed as Pastor in July of 1989 by Diocesan Bishop Samuel Layne. Elder Lee A. Tolbert later took full retirement from the Pastorate. Pastor Mark Tolbert chose Evangelist Betty Garrett as Christ Temple’s first female Assistant Pastor

and she currently serves this position faithfully and capably. 

A Period of Growth and Change 

During the 1998 National Convention of Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Pastor Tolbert was ordained as Suffragan Bishop, changing his appropriate title from Elder Tolbert to Suffragan Bishop Tolbert. By 1998 Christ Temple had grown to over 30 auxiliaries and ministries providing programs that benefit the youth, seniors and families. 

The year of 1999, Suffragan Bishop Mark Tolbert was commissioned by God and the State of Missouri to open a Charter School, which he named after his father, The Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy. The school, being a public charter school, started out its first year of education renting the church class room facilities and enrolled 187 students. The school operated so successfully under the leadership of Principal Vivian Roper

and Director Mark Tolbert that the school doubled in attendance the second year of its existence to over 400 students. 

In the year 2000 Suffragan Bishop Mark Tolbert had a vision to build an educational facility that could educate more students.

During the building that 3-story 40,000 square foot facility, Suffragan Bishop and Mrs. Emelda Tolbert received the tragic news of the

sudden death of their oldest son, Mark Curtis Tolbert Jr. 

In 2007 Suffragan Bishop Tolbert, along with a unanimous vote from the official board, voted to change the name of the church to Victorious Life Church. The television ministry, the church book store, and the Bible institute were all called Victorious Life Ministries. God wanted the entire church to understand that the church’s mission is to lead souls to a victorious life. In January 2007, the name change was made official – after 69 years Christ Temple Church became Victorious Life Church. 

Since the name change to Victorious Life Church, the church has experienced tremendous growth. There are now over 75 active ministries, including HYPR Ministry for youth and young adults, SPICE Ministry for singles, Christian Education for all ages groups, a Bible Institute,

and many other exciting and event-filled ministries. Victorious Life Church television ministry became a training ground for youth.

Each week Victorious Life Church can be seen internationally on a live video stream at www.vlckc.com and on cable television

4 times per week in the local Kansas City, Missouri area. 

In August 2009 The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World elevated Suffragan Bishop Mark Tolbert to Bishop Mark Tolbert and to the Bishop Board of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. The Bishop Board appointed him to the Canada District Council as Diocesan, making Bishop Tolbert the first pastor from the Victorious Life Church and the North Western District Council to be elevated and consecrated to the Board of Bishops of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Under the leadership of Bishop Tolbert, the Church continues to grow and minister to thousands weekly – to the community and to the world by internet ministry. Because of the vision of Elder Walter Scott and passing the baton to Elder Lee Tolbert Victorious Life Church formerly Known as Christ Temple Church has birthed the first resident Bishop of the Northwestern District Council now known as the Heart of America Council of Churches. Bishop Mark C. Tolbert is the Diocesan Bishop of the state of Kansas and Western Missouri. (Colorado which was once a part of this fellowship was named as district;

(the Colorado State Council) with her Diocesan Bishop being Bishop Jones Foote of Springfield Missouri.) 

WHERE Winners

Our Mission is to provide a place and opportunity to worship Jesus Christ and preach a message of hope and faith through God’s Holy word.  This message will develop, mature, and lead people of all ages, races, creeds, and colors to a Victorious Life through Jesus Christ.


Our Mission is to provide a place and opportunity to worship Jesus Christ and preach a message of hope and faith through God’s Holy word. 

This message will develop, mature, and lead people of all ages, races, creeds and colors to

a Victorious Life through Jesus Christ.




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