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Mark C. Tolbert

In 1979, Elder Mark Tolbert was appointed as an Assistant Pastor of Christ Temple Pentecostal Church. After 10 years of being assistant pastor, organizing programs, tent meetings, and working with the Northwestern District Council, and the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World in various capacities, Elder Mark C. Tolbert was voted on by the board and the congregation and installed as Pastor in July of 1989 by Diocesan Bishop Samuel Layne of St. Louis, Missouri.


Elder Mark Tolbert, married to Emelda Tolbert have 2 children: Mark Jr. (gone to glory) and Britton Elliot.


During the 1998 Northwestern District Council, Pastor, Elder Mark Tolbert, Sr. was ordained as Suffragan Bishop, changing his appropriate title from Dist. Elder Tolbert to Suffragan Bishop Tolbert. By 1998, Christ Temple had grown to over 30 auxiliaries and ministries providing programs that benefit the youth, seniors, and families.


Bishop Tolbert is a man of faith and vision.  His vision seems to drive him untiringly.  He may be considered somewhat radical in his ministry by some; though he still believes firmly in the principles of prayer, praise, and fasting to live a saved and righteous life.  He has deviated from some of the old traditions, while reinforcing others, but never from the doctrine.


Bishop Tolbert labors to address the needs of all individuals.  He often expresses that we must minister to the natural as well as the spiritual.  Fulfillment of these needs is evident through the numerous auxiliaries and outreach ministries available.  The ministries that reach out into the community are very important because that is where the harvest is found.  The educational, spiritual enrichment and support ministries prepare us for reaping the harvest.


The year of 1999, Suffragan Bishop Mark Tolbert was encouraged by God and commissioned by the State of Missouri to open a public Charter School, which he named after his father, The Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy.  


In the year 2000, while building the 3-story educational school facility that could educate more students, Suffragan Bishop and First Lady Emelda Tolbert received the tragic news of the sudden death of their oldest son, Mark Curtis Tolbert, Jr.  

In January 2006, the name change was made – after 69 years Christ Temple Pentecostal Church officially became Victorious Life Church. Since the name change to Victorious Life Church, the church has experienced tremendous growth. There are now over 50 active ministries, including HYPE Ministry Next Generation, Christian Education for all age groups, and many other exciting and event-filled ministries. Victorious Life Church television ministry became a training ground for youth. Each week, Victorious Life Church can be seen internationally on a live video stream at,, and Facebook Live.  Under the leadership of Bishop Mark Tolbert, the church continues to grow and minister to thousands weekly – to the community and to the world by the internet / social media ministry.


In August 2009, the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World elevated Suffragan Bishop Mark Tolbert to Bishop Mark Tolbert and to the Board of Bishops of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. The Board of Bishops appointed him to the Canada District Council as Diocesan, making Bishop Tolbert the first pastor from the Victorious Life Church and the Northwestern District Council to be elevated and consecrated to the Board of Bishops of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.


In August of 2018, Bishop Mark C. Tolbert was voted in as the “First Assistant” Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.


Bishop Tolbert’s philosophy is to serve the public and he’s on a mission from God.  The Word of God says, “Without a Vision the People Perish”.  By the help of God and the commitment of the people of God, this vision will come to pass. His vision is that we all live a prosperous and victorious life.  Bishop Tolbert has served on numerous local City and State government boards and committees.  He is currently serving as a commissioner for the KCPD and in June of 2021, he was voted to serve as the Kansas City Police Department Commissioner President.


  Bishop Tolbert will continue to serve the congregation of Victorious Life Church as the Bishop and Overseer. He has passed the “Mantle” of Senior Pastor to District Elder Christopher Collier.     

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